Technicians working on electronics or motherboard

Computers are complex machines, and it can be risky to try and fix one without the proper knowledge. Computers are made up of two primary components: hardware and software. The hardware is all of the physical parts that make up a computer. Hardware can include the hard drive, RAM, motherboard, processor, power supply and other components. Software refers to the different programs that are installed on your computer from the operating system to your Web browser and word processors. It’s important to consult a professional who can properly diagnose your computer and ensure the right parts are being fixed. Here at The Computer Surgeons, we have 13 years of experience in fixing computers and keeping our customers happy.

Virus Removal 

virussecurityThe Internet is used by millions of people on a daily basis to search for information, stay connected to friends and family through social media, and to download helpful applications. Unfortunately, there are those out there who create malicious programs designed to hurt your computer or steal your information. These viruses are constantly changing and burrow themselves into the deepest parts of your computer so they’re not easily removed. We use the latest anti-virus software to clean your computer and save your information before it’s too late. A virus can start out as something that simply cases your computer to run slower, but if it isn’t removed, it can potentially cause bigger problems.

Diagnostic, Repair and Upgrades 

updatesMuch like any other machine, computer parts can get old and break. The Computer Surgeons knowledgeable staff has the right tools to find out exactly what hardware has gone bad and give you options for the best way to go about the repairs. Sometimes, computer hardware becomes outdated, and the latest software programs don’t run properly. We can also help you make upgrades to your current system so you don’t have to purchase a new computer or laptop.